Gluten-Free Toronto is here to help YOU:

* Learn how to make substitutions to ANY recipe to make it gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free
* Never be a slave to any one cookbook again!
* Make gluten-free cookies, cakes, pizza and more... affordably
* Convert your own family recipes and enjoy the foods you love

Many Canadians today are turning to alternative health care practitioners such as naturopathic doctors in their search for relief from various chronic or systemic complaints. But while many naturopathic doctors suggest patients limit their consumption of wheat, dairy and refined sugar - patients are often left wondering what's left to eat.

I have been fortunate to reach a point where eating without gluten, dairy and sugar has simply become my new normal way of life. This is the point that I want to help you reach! This site and my book won't be a miracle solution, because the biggest key to your success lies in your commitment and will power to adhere to your diet. My experience has been a long journey, but I hope I can makes yours just a little bit easier... and a whole lot shorter.

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"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your presentation! The feedback from my clients was great! I am a strong believer in health promotion and I think the information you shared with us at your workshop is so valuable! Your book has also been a great addition to the resources we share with our clients."

- Dr. Erin Wiley, Naturpathic Doctor,
Integrative Health Institute, Toronto, ON